Emeryville Animal Hospital Welcomes You and Your Animal Companions

At Emeryville Animal Hospital, we know that the animals who share your home are more than just pets. The animals in our lives are friends, companions and family members. We feel that is how they should be treated.

Both you and your animal family members will be given treatment as unique as you are. Our services include a wide range of advanced diagnostic and surgical technologies to bring health to your animal friends when they are not well, as well as to maintain the active lives of your healthy companions. In combination with sophisticated medical treatment, we also employ old-fashioned TLC – we care about you and your pet.

We listen and take your concerns to heart as we tend to your animal friends from their earliest stages through to their advanced adult years. We will also help you make the right choices for your family when planning a course of action, or deciding which services you and your pets require.

The team at Emeryville Animal Hospital has been treating our animal patients with the highest standard of care for over 20 years. We look forward to continuing that care with your pet family.